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Global megatrends, such as Industry 4.0, transport turnaround and digitization are leading to increasing electrification of daily life. The realization is strongly coupled with the use of power electronic systems (e.g. mobile phone charger, solar inverter).

Power Electronic Systems will be the heartbeat of modern society!

Rapidly growing number of designs, harder specifications, shorter development cycles and war of talents are increasing the complexity of the power electronic design process.

PE-Systems solutions diminish the complexity and help the developers to achieve their goals quickly!

You build the best power electronics in shortest time!


Makes design automation in power electronics happen!

Delivers performance and features for your success!

Our Team - ready for your challenges!


“PE-Systems is the provider of our digital online circuit design tool. Due to its intuitive operation as well as detailed and comprehensive results, it significantly speeds up our customers’ component selection process. Additionally it increases the detail and accuracy over calculations by hand. We are confident that the design tool will help us better support our customers. Because of the professional working methods of PE-Systems and their strong customer focus, working with them is a pleasure. Requests are answered and implemented quickly or even anticipated. We are looking forward to a long-lasting cooperation with PE-Systems.”

Alan Lyons – Chief Financial Officer

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