Engineers rely heavily on datasheets, but manually extracting and making use of the data can be time-consuming and tedious. Enter DataSheetVision (DSV) – a cutting-edge digitization tool designed specifically for technical datasheets of power semiconductors, streamlining your workflow and boosting productivity.

Your transition to a digital future


  • Fast results​ (under 10 minutes from PDF to PLECS XML)
  • Assisted workflow with classification of diagrams​
  • Modular functions with fallback methods, plausibility checks and postprocessing
  • Export to raw formats: CSV, JSON, etc.
  • Export to complex formats: PLECS XMLs, Datasheet-based Spice Models
  • Export to custom tailored formats

DSV leverages automatic and semi-automatic routines to digitize diagrams and tables from PDF files, converting them into labeled, usable data. With support for various export formats, from simple raw data to complex formats compatible with established software, this tool streamlines data management and integration processes. Custom functionality to meet your specific needs is easily implemented, ensuring seamless adaptation to your workflow. Experience the future of datasheet management with our cutting-edge digitization technology.

What you get


  • Have the flexibility to use the tool when you need it.​
  • PDF uploads are limited by the amount of tokens you have.
  • After initial upload, no further limitations apply.

Yearly License

  • Use the tool as much as you need - no upload limitations.​

Custom Export

  • Expansion of export functionality with formats tailored to your needs.​

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