Automated Double-Pulse Tester

  • Automated: Fully automated Double-Pulse Test System
  • Flexible: Measurements on all packages (discretes, modules) and systems
  • Efficient: Fast setup time
  • Compatible: Works with test and measurement equipment of multiple vendors

One Tester for many Applications

Device Characterization

  • Discretes and power modules
  • SiC, GaN & Si
  • Optimized switching cell
  • Minimal stray inductance
  • Fast, reliable & trustworthy

Driver Optimization

  • Automatic search for gate parameters
  • Programmable gate drivers
  • Variable gate resistors
  • Adaptable gate voltages
  • Short circuit test
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System Verification

  • Testing close to application
  • Complete power stage testing
  • Flexible and ergonomic workbench
  • Reproducible results

Modular Double-Pulse Tester


  • Test voltage up to 2 kV (higher voltage on request)
  • Test current up to 3.6 kA
  • Test temperature 25 °C to 250 °C / -55 °C to 250 °C with ThermoStream
  • Optimized test fixtures for all packages
  • Universal gate drivers
  • Different load inductors and DC-links
  • Very low stray inductance
  • High performance scopes and probes


  • Modules, discretes, silicon, SiC and GaN – one tester for all devices
  • Fast setup times
  • Avoidance of human errors through error-detecting software
  • Fast amortization due to reduction of required human resources
  • Use of existing infrastructure (compatibility)

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